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Electrocardiograph or EKG technicians are healthcare professionals who perform diagnostic tests that help doctors identify cardiovascular problems in patients. The tests can help discover any irregularities in the heart that could lead to a heart attack or heart disease. They work mostly in hospitals, but can also work in long-term specialty care facilities or private practices. The EKG technician explains the test to patients prior to conducting them. Once the patient is on the machine, the technician monitors heart performance and the patient’s blood pressure. Other duties include:


  • Execute EKG services according to the hospital’s procedures
  • Maintain EKG equipment and any required inventory needed to run tests
  • Perform related administrative tasks including recording results, filing and data entry
  • Attend additional training programs as required by the healthcare system, including safety procedures
  • Perform and schedule EKG tests


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EKG Technician Certification program

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