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 This year I took a refresher class for Phlebotomy and I had Derek as one of my instructors. Derek and his background of knowledge made the class fun and informative. He was always willing to help. stay late, come in early or even come in on an extra day for one on one help if need be. Derek always wanted to make sure that we the students felt comfortable with what we were learning and our skills. He always asked us if we had any questions and if we did, he would dive into as much detail as needed for us to understand the correct way of doing things. When practicing our skills on either the fake arms or each other, Derek always tried to make sure you felt calm and confident in what you were doing. His positive attitude and constructive criticism really help make me and other students great Phlebotomists. I’m glad that I was able to take the Phlebotomy class again and had the pleasure of Derek being my teacher! He really helped me out in all aspects of the class! I highly recommend taking a class with Derek as your teacher and any class that he offers!!!

Kayla S. - Newport RI

This morning I took the Pet First Aid and CPR class. Derek came right to my house. This was a big help because my Maggie is a 13 year old chocolate Labrador with multiple orthopedic problems. Taking Maggie in the car in had for her.

When Derek  came into the house Maggie had a new friend. When we went into the living room Maggie made sure everyone was in the room.  Derek put Maggie at such ease they were able to demonstrate the steps right on her.

Derek  wanted to make sure I felt comfortable with everything before the class was over.

I would recommend this class for any pet lover. The class was very professional. I would recommend this company for all there classes.

Total Approach deserves 5 stars

Pam J. - Retired Attleboro Police

 Awesome class. Derek is a great instructor. Very informative and well versed on all the subjects taught. Would definitely recommend this class to anyone looking to further their careers 

Maria C - Fall River Massachusetts

Great class, run by very knowledgeable Instructors!! 

Robert Larissa - Barrington Fire Dept

 Derek is wonderful , I recommend them.Please don't hesitate to sign up for the class and I promise you won't regret it. Hands down, good instructor's. 

Chi Peace -Student

 Love Derek, had a great experience i had learned alot from them, all I could say is, it was worth it, I recommend them to anyone. 

Gloria Marin- Student

I really enjoy it and u are a amazing teacher thank u for having all the patience u had with us i refer a couple people to you hopefully they call u thank u for all the experience 

Joannie Torres- Student

Victoria Dalton Thank you Derek!! I really enjoyed the class and I’m glad Zach referred me to you! 

Victoria Dalton- Student

Lezlie Cardoza  Best class I ever had. What an amazing class, especially our instructor Derek. I learned so much in this class. Everything the instructor taught us was really helpful. I reccommend anyone who is interested in Phlebotomy to take this course with Derek, he is really helpful and he makes the classroom really fun and interesting. Thank you so much. 

Lezlie Cardoza- Student

Endless thanks to Derek  for the incredible experiences and opportunities they’ve provided me. If it weren’t for becoming CPR certified with them, I would’ve never discovered my passion for the medical field. After this course, they provided me not only with my certification, but the confidence to keep pursuing my options in the field. Going on to becoming a certified phlebotomist, EKG Technician, Paramedical Examiner and IV Technician with them granted me only more and more opportunities. I can proudly say I have been employed in my career, using my certificates, and am furthering my education at a university; truly a long way to come from serving tables. As much as I know this is a lot to do with my own hard work and drive, I can’t thank PFM Phlebotomy for what they have provided me. I highly suggest this program to anyone even remotely curious, you never know where you’re going to find your passion.

Tori Prejean

Derek and his team are absolutely amazing! We have used them twice to draw blood from my son who is 3 years old with autism. We were successful both times. They go above and beyond. They even brought toys for my son as a Prize. Simply amazing! 

Brittanie Savonen

 Talk about great experience. Derek and the team are amazing! You looking to be taught right and have a great time while learning,  this is the way to go. Reasonably priced as well. Not one regret I tell ya. You guys rock!! 

Francheska Salicrup

Derek is an  exceptional teacher.
He breaks the information down into a way that makes sense.
They also offer extra hands on experience for any student. 

Keli Dias

I have been working with PFM Phlebotomy for a few months and I must say it has been a joy and a pleasure working with the team . Derek  is a blessing very kind and understanding, & great communication, #couplegoals =). If you are thinking of going into the field this is the place to go and to work for . 

Nessa Troy - Phlebotomist

 We had specialized testing that needed to be done and Derek accommodated our situation perfectly. He is so kind, patient and very skilled. 

Tricia Dandrow

 Derek is by far one of the best teachers I have ever had in my medical career. From the books to clinicals, I have no complaints and would highly recommend his school to everyone. I was so nervous my first clinical and Derek reassured me to the point now I am doing labs all on my own with confidence and finding a good vein all the time. you will not regret learning with Derek!!!!!

Daneesha Alston

 I'm a nursing student in a BSN program and decided to take this course to build on my skills and education, and for a certification. I found the course material interesting, informative, and easy to understand. Derek and and his team very friendly and go above and beyond in helping each student succeed. They will take time to ensure each student understands, and will make sure that you are confident with the needles and procedures. I cannot say enough good things about this program and I strongly recommend PFM Phlebotomy for anyone. 

Kelly Spencer
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