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PFM Mobile Phlebotomy and Wellness LLC

New England's Premier Medical Training and Laboratory Provider. We Offer CPR Classes and Phlebotomy Services Nationwide.

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We specialize in Pediatric and Special Needs Patients

We go further to find the best of what's possible in medicine
PFM Medical and safety training
PFM Medical and safety training

Our Services

PFM Medical and safety training

Phlebotomy and Lab Services

Mobile Phlebotomy

  • For our patients convenience, we come directly to you to complete your blood work. This can include your home or work setting.

  • We complete standard lab work and drop samples off to nearest laboratory or specific lab required for testing, or drop off at an appropriate shipping facility.

  • We also complete specialty labs including prenatal, cancer screenings, transplant assessments, carrier screenings, and many more.

In-Office/Clinic Phlebotomy

  • We draw samples directly in physicians office's to complete the draw at the time of your regular appointment, which is convenient for both the patient and physician. 

  • Samples are then shipped out to our contracted lab

Laboratory Services

  • We are contracted with a network of Laboratories around the country to provide the highest quality lab services.

PFM Medical and safety training

Phlebotomy / IV Tech / CPR / BLS / ACLS / PALS / EKG Tech Training

We provide top level and in-depth medical training courses that are not only enjoyable, but easy to follow and fun. All of our instructors have a wealth of knowledge with real world experience to offer the best instruction possible. We offer Phlebotomy Tech, EKG Tech, IV Tech, CPR, ACLS, PALS, Pet CPR and First Aid

Our Certification Agencies
American Heart Association
American Red Cross 
American Medical Technologist
Health and Safety institute

PFM Medical and safety training

Why Learn?

A bleeding injury can happen anywhere. We've all seen it happen too often—on the news or in everyday life. Life-threatening bleeding can happen in people injured in serious accidents or disasters. Instead of being a witness, you can become an immediate responder because you know how to STOP THE BLEED®

PFM Medical and safety training

Active Shooter Training

Active Violence Emergency Response Training (AVERT) gives you the tools to understand how to recognize warning signs, react quickly in an active shooter situation, and learn how to control bleeding in life-threatening situations. AVERT is active shooter response training with the addition of techniques on how to stop the bleed of victims.

PFM Medical and safety training

Reality Combative Arts

 A Reality-Based Self-Defense system. What this means is that it teaches survival skills for real-world violent situations.  
Self defence is about understanding violence at its core.
It's about going back to your loved ones and your life the way you know right it now, before the conflict found you.
It is not about winning or losing, it isn’t about who started it, it isn’t about vengeance or justice; it isn’t about righting wrongs or hurting someone else.

The true foundations of personal protection belong to no particular person, group, or organisation.
These include but are not limited to:

  • Human Instincts & Intuition

  • Physiological, Psychological, Emotional and Behavioural Survival Arsenal

  • Protective Reflexes

  • Mind Set & Attitude

  • Emotional Intuitiveness

Understanding these fundamental human foundations and their relations to violence allows us to reconnect with our natural protective mechanism and fine-tune what ‘mother nature’ already gifted us with.

PFM Medical and safety training

Yoga / Tai Chi / Reiki / Breathwork

If you're struggling with limited mobility, then our wellness program is your answer.

We've gathered all of our limited mobility workout plans together into a special program that takes you from your bed to your chair to standing strong on your mat.

Whatever shape you're in, you can build strength, increase flexibility, decrease pain, and turn back the hands of time.

PFM Medical and safety training

Corporate Wellness Programs

Employees with options, support, and time at work to be mentally and physically healthy are happier and more productive in their job.


A corporate wellness program improves the quality of life of employees (and their families).
Overall, employee wellness programs have been proven to enable a more positive and healthy work environment for all staff members, whether in an office, school, or hospital.

Furthermore, employers also save on healthcare costs because physically and mentally healthy people miss work less often. 

PFM Medical and safety training

Medical Office Emergency Scenario Consulting

Does your staff know what to do in case of a cardiac arrest in your office? Is your code cart set up correctly? Surprisingly most are not trained correctly and are not prepared for this situation. Call us to discuss getting your staff ready for the worst possible situations the could occur and what to do to get the best outcome.

We has a proven track record in emergency response and  safety training for the healthcare industry. We work with our clients to develop  emergency procedures training programs that are solely and entirely client specific.

Our presenters are skilled professionals who have extensive industry and emergency service experience, ensuring the highest level of knowledge and expertise is imparted on to course participants.

The following organizations who have chosen our program:

PFM CPR organizations
PFM CPR organizations
PFM CPR organizations

Our Program Is Approved By

PFM CPR organizations
Your Allied Health Partner

NCCA Accredited Exams
A respected non-profit association with rigorous standards.

Accessible Certification

AMT has an affordable and simple certification process.

Ongoing Support

AMT is a lifelong partner throughout your career journey

Our Certification Agencies

PFM Phlebotomy certification agencies
Making the Workplace Safer and Smarter

HSI offers training, safety management and compliance solutions for businesses of all sizes. Our combination of technology and content solutions help safety, human resources and operations leaders train and develop their workforce, keep workers safe and meet regulatory and operational compliance requirements.

PFM Phlebotomy certification agencies

The AHA is the leader in resuscitation science, education, and training, and publisher of the official Guidelines for CPR and ECC. Millions of healthcare providers and others trust the AHA for their lifesaving training, and 100% of the AHA's profits go back into supporting its lifesaving mission.

PFM Phlebotomy certification agencies

We are a Licensed Training Provider for the American Red Cross teaching CPR, BLS, First Aid, Babysitting Classes and much more

Photo Gallery

CPR Certification classes,  PFM Phlebotomy

CPR Certification classes, PFM Phlebotomy

CPR Certification classes,  PFM Phlebotomy

CPR Certification classes, PFM Phlebotomy

CPR Certification classes,  PFM Phlebotomy

CPR Certification classes, PFM Phlebotomy

CPR Certification classes,  PFM Phlebotomy

CPR Certification classes, PFM Phlebotomy

CPR Certification classes,  PFM Phlebotomy

CPR Certification classes, PFM Phlebotomy

CPR Certification classes,  PFM Phlebotomy

CPR Certification classes, PFM Phlebotomy

CPR Certification classes,  PFM Phlebotomy

CPR Certification classes, PFM Phlebotomy

PFM Phlebotomy logo

We Have Over 32 Years Of Real World Experience In Healthcare

Phlebotomy Certification Classes

Our School’s Diploma has been recognized for Quality and Dedication we invest into every single student who got trained here for over 12 years.

Chances are, before deciding to apply here, you have already heard from your friends, relatives or fellow employees about the unsurpassed quality of the original Phlebotomy Programs offered here. Numerous local employers, Universities, Health Departments, international blood products Corporations, medical practices regard this School as the premier source for training their staff in the art of Phlebotomy.

Our 100-hour Phlebotomy Program offers  Classroom Training plus 30 hours of Clinical Practice.

Our students truly love and enjoy every moment of their short but exciting clinicals when they can apply with great success the great skills they just learnt in Class. Students cherish the gratitude expressed by their patients on the job well done!  


This Phlebotomy Training Program teaches you thoroughly and diligently utilizing the most effective learning techniques how to perform both major Phlebotomy procedures, Venipuncture and Capillary Puncture, performed on a wide range of patients--from newborn to adult.

We look forward to students of all ages and from all walks of life studying with us, receiving their Phlebotomy Training Diploma and enjoying nearly unlimited job opportunities in this exciting field of professional Phlebotomy.

We are authorized to Proctor your Phlebotomy Certification Test (at your option) by a leading certification agency in the allied health certification field 

CPR Certification classes,  PFM Phlebotomy
AHA CPR/ BLS Provider

As you know, CPR is a fundamental life-saving skill that can make all the difference in an emergency. It is crucial for employees to be trained in this skill so that they can respond quickly and effectively in case of an emergency.

Our CPR training classes are designed to equip your employees with the knowledge and skills they need to save a life. Our courses are taught by certified instructors with real world experience and cover a range of topics, including basic life support, AED usage,First Aid and choking relief.

We understand that every business has unique needs, and we are happy to tailor our classes to meet your specific requirements. We can provide on-site training at your location or arrange for classes to be held at a nearby venue or at our school.

Our courses are affordable and offer excellent value for money. We believe that investing in your employees' training is an investment in your business's success.

CPR Certification classes,  PFM Phlebotomy

Military Discounts Available.

CPR Certification classes,  PFM Phlebotomy
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